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Defying U.S. Plan, Prison Expands in Afghanistan

Efforts to scale back the U.S. detention center at the Bagram military base are failing, and its conditions have drawn a strong complaint from the Red Cross.

Retracing Steps, McCain Is Feeling Rejuvenated

John McCain, who won the New Hampshire primary in 2000, is in many ways a different candidate running a very different campaign.

In New Hampshire, Bill Clinton Is Finding Less Spark

Campaigning for his wife, Bill Clinton has been drawing sleepy crowds in the state that revived his 1992 presidential bid.

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Bronx Seeks Benefits in New Yankee Stadium
Chester Higgins Jr. / The New York Times
Bronx Seeks Benefits in New Yankee Stadium

When they negotiated to build a stadium, the Yankees agreed to give $1.2 million a year to local groups. They're building it, but no money has been distributed yet.

Voter ID Laws Are Set to Face a Crucial Test

The Supreme Court will hear arguments that an Indiana law prevented voters from having their ballots counted.

Kenya Kikuyus, Long Dominant, Are Now Routed

Tens of thousands of Kikuyus, the tribe of Kenya's president, have fled because of ethnic violence.

Clemens Calls Drug Accusations 'Totally False'

An interview set up a showdown before a Congressional committee that has summoned Roger Clemens to testify.

Behind the Wheel: 2008 Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet

Luxury-car aesthetics wrapped around a racing machine.

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