Wednesday, January 9, 2008 Last Update: 4:32 AM ET

Clinton Upsets Obama ; McCain Wins

Clinton Is Victor, Turning Back Obama ; McCain Also Triumphs

Comebacks in New Hampshire Revive Campaigns

Hillary Rodham Clinton's victory was a surprising show of strength after her loss in Iowa. John McCain reprised his 2000 primary win, beating Mitt Romney.

News Analysis
Clinton Escapes to Fight Another Day

Registered Democrats preferred Hillary Rodham Clinton to Barack Obama.

McCain's Victory Scrambles Field

The battle now shifts to states where each leader believes he has advantages.

A Show of Emotion Heard 'Round the World

When Hillary Rodham Clinton choked up in New Hampshire, she prompted one of the most debated moments of the campaign.

updated 4:59 AM ET

New   Hampshire

Democrats Vote %
Clinton 110,550 39%
Obama 102,883 36    
Edwards 47,803 17    
Richardson 12,987 5    
96% reporting

Republicans Vote %
McCain 86,802 37%
Romney 73,806 32    
Huckabee 26,035 11    
Giuliani 20,054 9    
96% reporting
Interactive Full New Hampshire Results

Detailed results, county-by-county maps and the delegate selection process.

Doug Mills / The New York Times

Retooled Campaign and Loyal Voters Add Up

The Democrats have been left with a horse race.

Women Backed Clinton, Exit Polls Show

In contrast to Iowa, New Hampshire's Democratic women rallied around Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The New Hampshire Circus

There is no better place to absorb New Hampshire on Primary Day than on Elm Street, the main thoroughfare in downtown Manchester.

Auto Ego: Starring Role in a Family Series

A 1969 Dodge Dart is much more than just a keepsake in the garage.

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