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Bank May Buy Troubled Giant in Home Loans

Countrywide Financial, the troubled lender that became a symbol of the excesses that led to the subprime mortgage crisis, is negotiating a sale to Bank of America.

Fed Chief Signals Further Rate Cut

Ben S. Bernanke sent a strong signal that the central bank will lower interest rates again this month as it attempts to stave off a recession.

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Calls Grow for Bloomberg to Make Up His Mind

Michael Bloomberg's dalliance with the idea of running for president is suddenly sparking a backlash.

Hello, Earthlings. Your Restroom Is Here.
G. Paul Burnett / The New York Times
Hello, Earthlings. Your Restroom Is Here.

The first pay at Madison Square Park, attended by, left to right, Department of Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan, Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe and Deputy Mayor Dan Doctoroff.

Bush Outlines Mideast Peace Plan

President Bush outlined a two-state peace treaty he is hoping to broker between Israel and the Palestinians.

Spate of Executions and Amputations in Iran

Human rights groups have condemned the amputation punishments and the 23 disclosed executions this year.

Japan Prepares to Pass Anti-Terror Bill

Japan's ruling party was expected to push into law a bill to revive a naval mission to support U.S. - led forces.

In Paris, Selling a Duplex

A look at a renovated top-floor duplex with Art Deco touches on the western edge of Paris.

Auto Ego: Starring Role in a Family Series

A 1969 Dodge Dart is much more than just a keepsake in the garage.

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For a Franchise, Success Is in the Hiring

A Domino's Pizza franchisee in Manhattan has built a work force with unusual longevity.


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