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The 2008 Campaign

Romney Beats McCain in Michigan Vote

Economic Fears Crucial to Results

Promising to revitalize the automobile industry, Mitt Romney defeated his principal rival, Senator John McCain, by winning a clear plurality.

4:59 AM ET


Republicans Vote %
Romney 337,847 39%
McCain 257,521 30
Huckabee 139,699 16
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Interactive Full Michigan Results

Detailed results and county-by-county maps.

Mark Wilson / Getty Images

Sen. John McCain, with his wife, Cindy McCain, spoke to supporters in Charleston, S.C. , after the Michigan primary results.

News Analysis
No G.O.P. Anchor in Sight

Mitt Romney's victory means that three very different states have embraced three candidates.

Citigroup Loss Raises Anxiety Over Economy

Reporting a fourth-quarter loss of $9.83 billion, Citigroup also issued a forecast that the economy had not yet bottomed out.

The Economy
Blackwater Case Faces Obstacles, Justice Dept. Says

Legal gaps and immunity may prevent Blackwater guards involved in a shooting in Iraq from being tried.

Nearly 12 Years Old, 'Rent' Is to Close

Producers said the Broadway musical will close after its evening performance on June 1.

Baseball Is Challenged on Rise in Stimulant Use

The number of players making attention deficit disorder claims that let them use drugs like Ritalin has spiked.

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