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Bernanke Is Said to Support Stimulus Measures

The chairman of the Federal Reserve told members of Congress he would back tax cuts or spending measures, so long as they are temporary.

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The Education of Ben Bernanke

Banks won't lend money. Oil has reached $100 a barrel. Unemployment is up. What's a Fed chief to do?

McCain Parries a Reprise of '00 Smear Tactics

John McCain is deploying a South Carolina Truth Squad to intercept attacks.

Even at Home, Backers Worry About Giuliani

As Rudolph W. Giuliani plummets in some polls, his rivals are encroaching on his own backyard.

Urban Schools Aiming Higher Than Diploma
Jodi Hilton for The New York Times
Urban Schools Aiming Higher Than Diploma

There's a growing sense of urgency among educators that every student should be on a college track.

$300 to Learn Risk of Cancer of the Prostate

Researchers have reported that a simple DNA test can help predict a man's risk of getting prostate cancer.

Push for Education Yields Little for India's Poor

India faces the difficulty of educating its children in schools that have sunk to spectacularly low levels.


Timothy Egan: Race Bait

Even in "post-racial" America, the obstacles faced by Barack Obama as a black presidential candidate will not go away.

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John M. Geddes oversees production, budgeting and staffing for The Times.

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Generation Me Revisited

Why do you think today's young people have gained the reputation of being narcissistic?

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Congestion and Other Terminal Illnesses

Congestion and Other Terminal Illnesses Competition is intense for the title of Europe's worst airport.

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And Now for a Close-Up

And Now for a Close-Up There is a trend to bring the TV screen within inches of the eye itself.

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Op-Ed: Is John McCain Mr. Right?
In the Czech Republic, a Green Castle

In the Czech Republic, a Green Castle What sets Chateau Mcely apart from other restored castle-cum- hotels and private residences are some features that few people ever see.

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Auto designers after hours , better plastics from Detroit , an executive's praise for Hitler and more.

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Coaches Wanted in the Game of Life

Coaches Wanted in the Game of Life As personal advisers proliferate, credentialing varies.