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Economists Debate Efficacy of Stimulus Measures

Recession-fighting measures will help if President Bush and Congress can deliver them quickly, experts say, but there is disagreement over which policies would have the greatest impact.

Writers' Strike Tests the Mettle of 2 Outsiders

The president of the Writers Guild of America West and his chief lieutenant are deliberating a question that may bode ill for both: Is their rebellion over?

The Food Chain
An Oil Quandary: Costly Fuel Means Costly Calories

Across the globe, huge demand for biofuels has created tension between using land to produce fuel and using it for food.

Skates, Sticks and a Little Support
Susan Farley for The New York Times
Skates, Sticks and a Little Support

Special winter sports teams specialize in getting children with disabilities onto the ice.

Lawyer Reveals Secret, Toppling Death Sentence

A lawyer who believed that prosecutors had committed misconduct stayed silent for 10 years due to ethics rules.

Between Pulpit and Podium, Huckabee Straddles Fine Line

Mike Huckabee is trying to fire up his fellow evangelical Christians without unnerving secular-minded voters.

An Appraisal
Fischer vs. the World: A Chess Giant's Endgame

As Bobby Fischer's death might remind us, abstract gifts can exact a terrible price.


Video Horrors

Video Horrors "Cloverfield" is nominally a monster movie, but mostly it's a feature-length gimmick.

In Over Their Heads

In Over Their Heads "Cassandra's Dream" is an excursion to the dark side of human nature.

The Carpetbagger

David Carr reports from the Sundance Film Festival.

Detroit Auto Show

Auto designers after hours , better plastics from Detroit , an executive's praise for Hitler and more.

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The Boss

Dancing Permitted

Dancing Permitted My father, in his own quiet German way, took pride in what I did, but it was baffling to him.


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