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The 2008 Campaign

Obama Wins South Carolina Primary

Carries State by Wide Margin

Senator Barack Obama's commanding victory over Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton amid record-setting turnout sets the stage for a state-by-state fight.

News Analysis
Obama Weathers a Test of Mettle

Senator Barack Obama proved he could endure all that the Clinton campaign threw at him last week.

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Democrats Vote %
Obama 295,091 55%
Clinton 141,128 27
Edwards 93,552 18
99% reporting
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Jim Wilson / The New York Times

Senator Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle. "We have the most votes, the most delegates and the most diverse coalition of Americans we've seen in a long, long time," Mr. Obama said.

Pakistan Rebuffs Secret U.S. Plea for C.I.A. Buildup

President Pervez Musharraf dismissed proposals to allow the United States greater latitude to operate in tribal territories where militants are active, officials said.

Suharto, Former Indonesian Dictator, Dies at 86

The rule of Suharto, who was driven from office in 1998, was one of the 20th century's most brutal and corrupt.

War Torn
In More Cases, Combat Trauma Is Taking the Stand

Prosecutors, judges and juries are increasingly prodded to assess the role of combat trauma in crimes by veterans.

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Book Review

Book Review Harvard's president looks at how Americans dealt with death in the Civil War.

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The second- generation Highlander available with a gasoline V-6 or a hybrid engine is capable but unexciting.

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