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Bush Speech Focuses on War and Taxes

Facing an unstable economy and an unfinished war, President Bush used his final State of the Union address to call for passage of his tax rebate package and patience in Iraq.

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State of the Union

Watch interactive video from President Bush's final State of the Union address.

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Brendan Smialowski for The New York Times

President Bush delivering his final State of the Union Address.

News Analysis
A Defiant Look at What Little Lies Ahead

The question of President Bush's relevance coursed through an address that avoided reflection on his legacy.

Acrimony Reigns in G.O.P. on Eve of Florida Vote

Mitt Romney and John McCain traded attacks in a state that could produce a Republican front-runner before a virtual national primary next week.

High Enthusiasm Propels Democratic Voters

Democratic turnout has far exceeded the Republican showing in the contests so far, but the meaning for the November election is a matter of dispute.

Memo From Berlin
Germany Confronts Holocaust Legacy Anew

The 75th anniversary of the day Hitler took power has prompted yet a new round of soul-searching in Germany.

American Exception
Illegal Globally, Bail for Profit Remains in U.S.

Bail bondsmen, who post bail for people accused of crimes in exchange for a fee, are all but unknown outside the U.S.

French Inquiry: Bank's Inaction Grows as Issue

Soci t G n rale's management is under fresh scrutiny after J r me Kerviel said that his trading began in 2005.

Science Times

Preservation Predicament

The Preservation Predicament Will climate change make landscapes inhospitable to protected species?


Is Banking Cells Worth It?
Is Banking Stem Cells Worth It?

It remains unclear how useful stored stem cells will be.

Nutrition Q & A

Jane E. Brody, Personal Health columnist for The Times, is answering readers' questions.

2008 Toyota Highlanders
A One-Two Punch to the Midmarket

The second- generation Highlander available with a gasoline V-6 or a hybrid engine is capable but unexciting.

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