McCain Wednesday, January 30, 2008 Last Update: 4:52 AM ET
The 2008 Campaign

McCain Defeats Romney in Florida Vote

Giuliani Seen as Likely to Endorse Arizona Senator

Senator John McCain won the biggest delegate prize so far in a closely contested primary. After finishing third, Rudolph W. Giuliani is likely to endorse Mr. McCain, officials said.

News Analysis
For Giuliani, a Dizzying Free-Fall

As Rudolph W. Giuliani ponders his political mortality, many observers point to the hubris and strategic miscalculations that plagued his campaign.

Outside Groups Aid Obama, Critic of Their Influence

Despite denunciations of special-interest money, Senator Barack Obama is nonetheless benefiting from millions being spent outside campaign finance rules.

Richard Perry / The New York Times

Mitt Romney placed second. Transcript | Photographs Slide Show

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Democrats Vote %   
Clinton 856,944 50%
Obama 568,930 33    
Edwards 248,575 14    
99% reporting

Republicans Vote %   
693,425 36%
Romney 598,152 31    
Giuliani 281,755 15    
Huckabee 259,703 13    
Paul 62,060 3    
99% reporting
Interactive Full Florida Results

Detailed results, county-by-county maps and the delegate selection process.

Audio Audio Feature
Voices of the Voters

In six cities across Florida, voters spoke out about the issues that brought them to the polls.

White House Shows Signs of Rethinking Cut in Troops

Four months after announcing troop cuts in Iraq, President Bush is now sending signals that the reductions may not continue past this summer.

Envoy Calls Kenyan Violence Ethnic Cleansing

U.S. envoy Jendayi Frazer called violence in Kenya's Rift Valley "clear ethnic cleansing" aimed at Kikuyu people.

In Spinal Device Research, Questions on Conflicts

The testing of the Prodisc, an artificial spinal disk, provides a stark example of conflicts of interest.



Festivals to Lead Carnegie's Season

On Tuesday, Carnegie Hall announced its 2008-9 season.

A Long Surrender: The Guerrilla War After the Civil War
A Long Surrender

This account of Southern resistance reminds us that while the North won the Civil War in 1865, the peace would be lost.

WNET President Seeks a Heightened Urgency

A Year Into Job, WNET President Seeks a Heightened Urgency Neal Shapiro is putting his unorthodox stamp on WNET.

In Desert, Market Keeps Its Heat

Arizona in winter is where the rich come to play, and to attend the auction season for collector cars.

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