Saturday, February 2, 2008 Last Update: 4:52 AM ET

Yahoo Offer Is Strategy Shift for Microsoft

Google's dominance has forced Microsoft to concede that it did not get its Internet business right.

The Long Run
Clinton's Gradual Education on Issues of Race

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, who grew up in the palest of Chicago suburbs, is now competing for black votes across the South.

Kennedy Revels in Limelight as He Stumps for Obama

Senator Edward M. Kennedy, the white-haired liberal legend, is drawing raucous crowds.

More Politics
Just Fine as Tackles, but They Can't Pass
David S. Holloway
Just Fine as Tackles, but They Can't Pass

"Puppy Bowl IV," in which 46 dogs frolic, pant and occasionally pick up a ball on a set resembling a football field, will be broadcast on Sunday. Video Video

Video Video: Bombings in Baghdad

Attacks that killed dozens of people at two popular Iraqi pet markets were the bloodiest in six months.

Given Reprieve, N.F.L. Star's Dogs Find Kindness

The Best Friends Animal Society sanctuary in Kanab, Utah, is a new home for 22 of Michael Vick's former dogs.


Haunted Romance

A Jealous Ghost "Over Her Dead Body" features a jealous ghost and a parrot in a taxi.

Coupling Under a Cloud

Coupling Under a Cloud "The Witnesses" observes a sensual wonderland shocked out of its complacency.

Next Stop
The No. 6 Train

Although it features some of the newest trains in the system, the 6 is just another teeming subway line at rush hour.

In Desert, Market Keeps Its Heat

Arizona in winter is where the rich come to play, and to attend the auction season for collector cars.

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