Tuesday, February 5, 2008 Last Update: 4:52 AM ET

Grab for Votes, Delegates and Momentum

A total of 3,156 delegates will be allocated Tuesday under arcane rules on what could be the most significant day of the 2008 campaign to date.

Campaign Reports

Hillary Clinton
Best in intimate settings.

John McCain
An edgy front-runner.

Barack Obama
Sales pitch has softened.

Mitt Romney
Leads a citizen revolution.

As 24 States Vote, a Grab for Delegates, and an Edge

There will be plenty of trends to track in Tuesday's free-for-all, as 43 contests in 24 states allocate 3,156 delegates on what could be the most significant day of the race to date.

Candidates Blitz States as Big Day Looms

Candidates made their final pushes with rallies and commercials in states from coast to coast.

The 2008 Campaign
Joe Raedle / Getty Images

Mitt Romney held his grandson at the end of a rally in Long Beach, Calif. , on Monday. Photographs Slide Show: One Day to Go

Economy Fitful, Americans Start to Pay as They Go

Some analysts see consumers' shift toward thrift as a cultural inflection point, one with huge implications for an economy driven largely by consumer spending.

Time Runs Out for an Afghan Held by the U.S.

The fate of the first detainee to die of natural causes at the U.S. prison in Guant namo Bay, Cuba, reveals the problem of military tribunals, Afghans say.

Super Bowl XLII
For the Giants, a Moment to Believe In

It was not until David Tyree's fourth-quarter catch that hope was spun into belief for the underdog Giants.

Bob Knight Resigns as Coach of Texas Tech

There was no hint that such a change was coming. He will be replaced by his son, Pat, a Red Raiders assistant.

Satellite Spotters Glimpse Secrets, and Tell Them

Hobbyists uncover some of the deepest of the government's secrets and share them on the Internet.

Google and Microsoft Take Up Battle Stations

With Microsoft hoping to buy Yahoo, Google has begun to lay the groundwork to try to delay or derail any deal.

Science Times

A Deity Predating Zeus

Scientists have uncovered evidence of animal sacrifices to some pre-Zeus deity in Greece.

Pursuing Synthetic Life

Pursuing Synthetic Life The most profound insights to emerge just may be about real life.


Slaughterhouse 12

Officials pursue a medical mystery in Minnesota.

Sketch Pad
A Shower Stall With a View

An architect's design would change a claustrophobic two-bedroom in SoHo into an oasis of adventurous living.

Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera
Trim and Ready to Rumble

Driving a Lamborghini is a Rorschach test: Onlookers either melt into puddles or dismiss its driver.

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