Friday, February 8, 2008 Last Update: 4:42 AM ET

Miscalculations Dogged Romney From the Start

Mitt Romney spent more than $35 million of his own money trying to get elected, but his campaign faced challenges from the start.

McCain Emerges as G.O.P. Choice

Mitt Romney said that taking his campaign all the way to the Republican convention would delay a national campaign against a Democratic contender.

More Politics
Congress Votes for a Stimulus of $168 Billion

Lawmakers and President Bush hope that tax breaks for businesses and rebates for taxpayers will promote spending.

Gunman Kills 5 People at Public Meeting
Robert Cohen / Post-Dispatch via Associated Press
Gunman Kills 5 People at Public Meeting

Five people were fatally shot and two wounded after a man opened fire at a City Council meeting in Kirkwood, Mo. Police shot the gunman to death. Photographs Photographs

New Weight in Army Manual on Stabilization

The new doctrine elevates the mission of stabilizing war-torn nations to the same importance as the defeat of adversaries on the battlefield.

Creators of Credit Crisis Revel in Las Vegas

An American Securitization Forum conference celebrated the wizardry that turns risky loans into securities.

In Bronx School, Culture Shock, Then Revival

Despite warnings that he was a cultural mismatch for his school, a principal has outlasted his predecessors.

In London, the Hunt for a Town House
In Rome, Finding an Ideal Rental

Andrea Chasanow and Nick Gentle picked last summer to search for a house, and that turned out to be a challenging time.

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