Sunday, February 10, 2008 Last Update: 4:42 AM ET
The 2008 Campaign

Obama Gets Convincing Wins in 3 States

Huckabee Takes Kansas Caucuses, a Setback for McCain

Barack Obama beat Hillary Rodham Clinton in contests in Louisiana, Nebraska and Washington State as Mike Huckabee showed that he is still attracting Republican voters.

Neck and Neck, Democrats Woo Superdelegates

Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama are aggressively pursuing members of the group that could be tiebreakers at their party's convention.

Carlos Barria / Reuters

Barack Obama at the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner in Richmond, Va.

  Kan. La. Neb. Wash.
Hillary Rodham Clinton - 36% 32% 31%
Barack Obama - 57 68 68
Reporting - 100% 99% 96%
John McCain 24% 42% - 26%
Mike Huckabee 60 43 - 24
Reporting 100% 100% - 87%
Tentative Deal Is Reached in Writers' Strike

The governing boards of the two writers' guilds are expected to meet as early as Sunday, and the long and bitter strike could be over by Monday morning.

Global Classrooms
Universities Rush to Set Up Outposts Abroad

The American system of higher education, long the envy of the world, is starting to become an important export.

Terror Threat From Pakistan Said to Expand

A suspected bombing plot in Spain is indicative of an important threat coming from Pakistan, officials said.

Checking In for the Long Haul

Those with the time and the money to spend a month or five at a hotel or resort represent a skinny slice of the population. Still, say some in the business, the number is growing.

New York to Paris the Hard Way
New York to Paris the Hard Way

Competitors in the first around-the- world race crossed continents while making repairs on the fly.

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