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Democrats Look for Way to Avoid Convention Rift

Some senior Democrats plan to remain neutral for now in the presidential race in part to keep open the option to broker a peaceful resolution to a tight contest.

Gunman, Active and Successful, Showed Few Hints of Trouble

Steve Kazmierczak was seen as personable and an excellent student, not a brooding outcast.

China Didn't Check Drug Supplier, Files Show

An ingredient in a blood thinner linked to four deaths was made at an uncertified plant in China that was not inspected.

The Pyrotechnic Imagination
Simon Norfolk
The Pyrotechnic Imagination

Cai Guo-Qiang paints with gunpowder when he's not staging open-air "explosion events." At the Beijing Olympics, he'll be playing with fire. Video Video

For 'EcoMoms,' Saving Earth Begins at Home

Move over, Tupperware. A new wave of parties is about waste-free school lunches and energy-efficient laundry.

Sarkozy Stirs Anger With Holocaust Curriculum

France's president touched off protests with a plan to have students learn the life stories of children the Nazis killed.

U.S. Struggles to Tutor Iraqis in Rule of Law

American investigators working with Iraqis acknowledge that many criminal inquiries have yielded mixed results.


No Mickey Mouse Stuff

No Mickey Mouse Stuff In the Oscar nominees for short film, digital effects meet serious drama.

Where the Real Action Is

Where the Real Action Is The Oscar nominees for documentary get political this year.

Off the Set, Into the Desert

The Tynan- McBride house, with its cantilevered roof, precise lines and an exterior colored pumpkin orange and chartreuse, cuts a striking silhouette in Joshua Tree, Calif.

Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8
Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8
When Pigs Fly

Drivers may find the Grand Cherokee SRT8 tempting but it's all strength and no finesse.

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The Job Interview, Starring Your Avatar

The Job Interview, Starring Your Avatar Employers are exploring virtual reality Web sites to hold interviews.


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