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Democrats Clash on Health, Trade and Rival Tactics

Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton set aside their cordiality and traded accusations in a contentious debate Tuesday evening.

The TV Watch
20th Debate: Reality Show or a Spinoff?

Hillary Rodham Clinton wanted to show that the press is tougher on her than on Barack Obama, and she made her point by citing "Saturday Night Live."

Competing on Calls That Aren't Elk to Elk
Brad Horn for The New York Times
Competing on Calls That Aren't Elk to Elk

Elk calling is not for the faint of ear. Above, awaiting results at the elk calling championships, from left, Maddie Smith, 9 ; Carmen Hutchens, 10 ; and Juna Priest, 9.

Gas Prices Soar, Posing a Threat to Family Budget

Consumers' pocketbooks are being hit hard as the oil shock coincides with turmoil in the credit and housing markets.

Surgeon Accused in Death of Patient to Get Organs

A transplant surgeon has been charged with trying to hasten a patient's death in order to retrieve his organs.


No Laughs, No Thrills, and Villains All Too Real

A new textbook shows that the Holocaust has come a long way as a topic to be freshly considered by German teenagers.

Late-Night TV Satires Become Online Hits

Late-Night TV Satires Become Online Hits A satiric video in which Jimmy Kimmel touts his sexual relationship with Ben Affleck has been a huge hit online.

Living in Huntington Village
The Heart and Soul of Suburbia

Laden with restaurants and shopping options, Huntington Village is a cosmopolitan oasis.

Big Wheels for Iraq's Mean Streets
Big Wheels for Iraq's Mean Streets

Many of the American military's new armored vehicles share components with heavy-duty civilian trucks.

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