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Obama Spends Heavily to Seek Knockout Blow

Senator Barack Obama is leveraging his huge financial edge over Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton in the potentially decisive Texas and Ohio contests.

U.S. Plan Widens Role in Training Pakistani Forces

A plan would send U.S. trainers to work with a paramilitary force that is the vanguard in the fight against Al Qaeda.

Scorched-Earth Strategy Returns to Darfur

Aid workers, diplomats and analysts say the fighting is entering a new and deadly phase as efforts to find a negotiated peace founder.

Declaring Something a Lot Like Dependence
Andrew Testa for The New York Times
Declaring Something a Lot Like Dependence

In the Balkans, many things did not change when Kosovo declared independence from Serbia. But from the point of view of Europe, a lot did.

Golden Opportunities
Tapping Into Homes Can Be Pitfall for the Elderly

Reverse mortgages have boomed, but many consumers complain of unethical and high-pressure sales tactics.

Is a Lean Economy Turning Mean?

Workers are getting fewer hours, and those without jobs are staying unemployed longer or accepting lower pay.


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Can the Steinbrenner sons rule the Yankee kingdom?

Readers' Opinions
Bad Baseball Trades

The Yankees are glad they kept Robinson Can . What was baseball's worst trade?

A Big Rig to Call Home
A Big Rig to Call Home

With 1930s styling and modern comfort, a new truck designed to lure more drivers behind the wheel.

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The Boss
Teamwork's Rewards

Teamwork's Rewards Giving credit to my teammates made my teams much stronger and consequently more successful, which in turn propelled my career.


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