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Spitzer Resigns, Felled by Sex Scandal ;

Lt. Gov. Paterson to Step Up Monday

Spitzer Resigns in Sex Scandal and Turns His Attention to Healing His Family

Spitzer Resigns in Sex Scandal and Turns His Attention to Healing His Family
James Estrin / The New York Times

In a State Assembly hallway, staff members watched Gov. Eliot Spitzer announce his resignation.

Governor Says He Will Now Focus on His Family

Gov. Eliot Spitzer, who rose to power as a fierce enforcer of ethics in public life, was undone by revelations of his own involvement with prostitutes.

Q&A on the Spitzer Scandal

New York Times reporters and editors will field readers' questions about Eliot Spitzer's resignation.

For an Aspiring Singer, a Harsher Spotlight

Ashley Alexandra Dupr , 22, the woman known as Kristen in court papers, said in an interview, "I just don't want to be thought of as a monster."

6 Tumultuous Days That Ended in a Resignation

At first glance, the case against four people accused of running an online escort business seemed routine. Then curious elements piqued interest for some reporters.

A Bipartisan Prediction of Harmony in Albany

As Lt. Gov. David A. Paterson prepares to succeed Eliot Spitzer, many lawmakers are predicting a return to comity between the governor and the Legislature.

Pentagon Cites Tapes Showing Interrogations

The initial findings of an incomplete review represent the first official acknowledgment that interrogators taped some sessions with detainees.

Racial Issue Bubbles Up Again for Democrats

Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama have sought to move beyond race and sex, but each has used the issue against the other.

Video Road Hogs Stir Fear of Internet Traffic Jam

User demand for the Internet could outpace network capacity by 2011, some analysts warn.

Iraqi Troops May Move to Reclaim Basra's Port

A port is controlled by militias known more for corruption and inciting terrorism than for skill in moving freight.

Readers' Comments
Pro-Clinton? 'SNL' Says You're Joking
Pro-Clinton? 'SNL' Says You're Joking

How do comedy programs like "Saturday Night Live" affect your political views?

More Readers' Comments
Real Estate Editor

Bill Goss is answering reader questions this week.

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Media Players, Untethered

Media Players, Untethered The green movement comes to media players with the introduction of two music players that function without batteries or power from a cord.

Blu-ray's Bright Future

The player is in line for price cuts and tempting new features.

In Israel, a Tailored Home
In Israel, a Tailored Home

Painted concrete floors are just one of the many colorful details one couple used to decorate their home.

2008 Nissan Rogue
Whole Lot of Shakin Going On
Whole Lot of Shakin' Going On

How much vibration is one willing to absorb when the price of a vehicle and most everything else about it is right?

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The Office Phone Call Was Music to the Ears

The Office Phone Call Was Music to the Ears The waning of the office phone call is one of those cultural declines that few people are likely to lament.





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