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Plunge Averted, Markets Look Ahead Uneasily

Nervousness pervaded Wall Street despite the efforts by the Federal Reserve to restore order within the financial system.

Bush Supports Fed's Actions, but Critics Quickly Find Fault

The Bush administration faced accusations that it is helping a corporate giant but doing little to aid Americans facing foreclosure.

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Teenage Suicides Bewilder an Island
Vincent DeWitt for The New York Times
Teenage Suicides Bewilder an Island

A series of teen suicides is confusing experts and worrying the small community of Nantucket, Mass. Above, a hallway at Nantucket High School.

Simmering Resentments Led to Tibetan Backlash

The only surprising thing about unrest in Tibet may be that Beijing managed to keep things stable for so long.

U.S. Adapts Cold-War Idea to Fight Terrorists

Officials believe they can establish a posture of deterrence adapted to the global jihadi terrorist movement.

On Defensive, Obama Plans Talk on Race

Facing a major test, Barack Obama was writing a speech aides said could be one of the most crucial of his campaign.

Florida Democrats Won't Vote Again, Official Says

The dispute over Florida's Democratic delegates will go back to the national party, the state chairwoman said.

New Governor for New York, Pledging Unity

Gov. David A. Paterson offered wisecracks to an audience that clearly ached to move beyond a sordid ordeal.

What Young Designers Dream Of
What Young Designers Dream Of

To get an idea of what's in store for showroom models of the future, take a look at concept cars from young designers.

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Dipping Carefully Into the Betting Pool

Dipping Carefully Into the Betting Pool A simple diversion like an N.C.A.A. office pool can build camaraderie, but be wary of indulging to excess.


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