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Political Memo

Commodities: Facing Narrower Path to Nomination

Winning the Democratic presidential nomination has seemed something of a long shot for Hillary Rodham Clinton since February, but that shot now seems to have grown a little longer.

Five Years In
In Mosul, New Test of Rebuilt Iraqi Army

The performance of the Iraqi Army suggests that while the forces have made strides, big gaps remain.

Bush Defends Iraq War invasion in Speech

President Bush remained unwavering in his insistence that the of Iraq had made the United States safer.

A Swimmer's Different Strokes for Success
Gregg Matthews for The New York Times
A Swimmer's Different Strokes for Success

Ryan Lochte, perhaps the best American male swimmer not named Michael, reveals some training techniques.

Latest Boom, Plentiful Risk

The booming commodities market offers some weaknesses that are impairing regulators' ability to protect investors.

States' Data Obscure How Few Finish High School

Federal figures gathered under the No Child Left Behind law hide a severe dropout epidemic, researchers say.

In Tibetan Areas, Parallel Worlds Now Collide

Tibetans and Han Chinese live in close proximity, but their relations are marked by distrust and prejudice.

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N.C.A.A. Tournament
Video Video: No Such Thing as a Sleeper

With so many mid-major teams on TV regularly, can anyone really be surprised when a 12 seed defeats a No. 5?

In Nice, Their Home Is Their Palace

The French government has honored the home of Karen and Nakhli Zeidan with landmark status ; it even appears in travel books.

New York Auto Show
It's Car Time in New York
It's Car Time in New York

Like the Knicks, this year's New York Auto Show will focus on rookies and hope for next season.

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Flowers, via Social Work

Flowers, via Social Work If you look at highly successful people, they make the same number of mistakes as others, but they recover quickly.



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