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New Populism Is Spurring Democrats on the Economy

The more populist tone is one indication of a broader debate among Democrats over how much they should break with the centrism of the Clinton years.

Aid to Pakistan in Tribal Areas Raises Concerns

The United States plans to pour $750 million into a lawless region over the next five years, but critics fear that the money might fall into the wrong hands.

Mistrust as Iraqi Troops Encounter New U.S. Allies

As the U.S. builds alliances with ex-insurgents, the gulf remains vast between the Sunnis and the Iraqi Army, with U.S. troops sometimes having to intercede.

A French Revolution: Let Them Ride Bikes
Alastair Miller / Bloomberg News
A French Revolution: Let Them Ride Bikes

A new program set up self-service stations around Paris for more than 10,600 bicycles at modest rental prices.

The Energy Challenge
Solar Power Captures Imagination, Not Money

Some experts say that moving solar energy from niche to mainstream is unlikely without big breakthroughs.

Japan Quake Kills at Least 5 and Injures Hundreds

A strong earthquake jolted northwestern Japan today, flattening wooden houses and triggering small tsunamis.

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The Money Race

Search the presidential candidates' reports from the second quarter by donor name, employer, and ZIP code.


What Ever Happened to Momma Rose?

Fables If any actress was fated to play the juggernaut of a stage mother in "Gypsy," it was Patti LuPone, Ben Brantley says.

Feel Free to Shout

Kabuki has always been theater for the rowdy masses, as audiences can discover at the Lincoln Center Festival.

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The Hedge-Fund Hybrid

The LS 600h L from Lexus may have set a new standard for automotive hyperbole.

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