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Bush to Bolster Abbas and Seek Peace Talks

The Bush administration signaled that it will use its remaining months to make a major push for peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

Judge Rejects Charges for 13 on Tax Shelter

A federal judge's sharply worded ruling blaming prosecutors was the latest twist in what the government has billed as its showpiece tax shelter case.

Obama's Camp Cultivates Crop in Small Donors

Senator Barack Obama's campaign has used novel tactics, like counting sales of $4.50 key chains as contributions, to pump up numbers and build support.

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The McCain campaign's collapse marks a departure from the Republican tradition of anointing its successor early.

Stepping Boldly Off the Curb, With a Prayer
Shawn Baldwin for The New York Times
Stepping Boldly Off the Curb, With a Prayer

The traffic in Cairo, and the army of police officers who try to manage it, tell much about modern Egypt.

Dow Jones and Murdoch Said to Move Close to Deal

Dow Jones & Company tentatively agreed to be acquired by Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation on Monday.

Albany Rebuffs City Traffic Plan

Lawmakers have shelved Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg's plan to charge motorists in some parts of Manhattan.

Filling Gaps in Iraq, Then Finding a Void at Home

A rented army of 130,000 civilians supports 160,000 United States soldiers and marines, dying and suffering alongside their brothers and sisters in uniform.

Mexican Migrants Carry H.I.V. Home

Many migrant workers are bringing AIDS to rural parts of Mexico, which are not prepared to handle the epidemic.

Science Times

Glaciers in Retreat

Glaciers in Retreat The glaciers in India offer a snapshot of the consequences of global warming.

A Survival Imperative

Is humanity doomed unless we colonize Mars within 46 years? J. Richard Gott III is betting it is.

In the Trenches

In the Trenches The Rev. Margaret A. Muncie ministers to hospital patients of all faiths.

The Hedge-Fund Hybrid

The LS 600h L from Lexus may have set a new standard for automotive hyperbole.

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The Anguish of a Part-Timer

Strangely enough, part-time jobs can be a lot less flexible than full-time jobs.


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