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Bush Aides See Failure in Fight With Al Qaeda in Pakistan

President Bush's top counterterrorism advisers acknowledged that the strategy for fighting Osama bin Laden's leadership of Al Qaeda in Pakistan had failed.

In Mississippi, Ruling Is Seen as Racial Split

A court ruling that forces voters to register by party could return Mississippi to the days of racially polarized politics.

Where Campaign Money Goes

Finance reports show that candidates are already building up operations in several states whose early primaries have forced a burst of spending.

Doug Mills / The New York Times
Reid Gives Senators a Break

Senator Harry Reid, the majority leader, delayed a vote until 5 a.m. in an overnight debate on Iraq. Senator Susan Collins, above, planned to get two hours of sleep.

Democrats Lack Support to Force Vote on Pullout

Some Republicans who have gone public with their complaints about the war strategy also weighed in against the Democratic withdrawal plan as ill advised.

Abstinence Education Faces an Uncertain Future

Opponents of abstinence education cite a study that found no sign that it delayed a teenager's sexual debut.

176 on Plane, and Others, Feared Dead in Brazil

A plane skidded off a runway in S o Paulo, crashing into a building and a gas station and setting off a conflagration.



NBC Stands by Thursday Comedies

NBC Stands by Thursday Comedies, Despite Ratings NBC hopes to make Thursday night comedy night again.

A Conversation Between Art and Athletics

A 36-Year Conversation Between Art and Athletics With Pilobolus Dance Theater, acrobatics are liquefied into poetry.

U.S. Imposes Restrictions on Coins

U.S. Imposes Restrictions on Importing Cypriot Coins The new rules would essentially bar the importation of any ancient coin from Cyprus unless authorized by the Cypriot government.

The Hedge-Fund Hybrid

The LS 600h L from Lexus may have set a new standard for automotive hyperbole.

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The Anguish of a Part-Timer

Strangely enough, part-time jobs can be a lot less flexible than full-time jobs.


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