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Candidates Shift as G.O.P. Field Alters

The decline of Senator John McCain's campaign and the rising profile of Fred D. Thompson are prompting Republican candidates to rewrite their strategies.

Cleric Switches Tactics to Meet Changes in Iraq

After months of lying low, Moktada al-Sadr is reaching out to Iraqis on the street while distancing himself from the increasingly unpopular government.

Retirees' Health Costs Loom Over U.A.W. Talks

The generous health care benefits paid by Detroit automakers will be a crucial sticking point in negotiations between the union and the companies.

Steam Pipe Explosion Unnerves Manhattan
Robert Stolarik for The New York Times
Steam Pipe Explosion Unnerves Manhattan

Con Edison crews were laying new cables today after a blast killed one and injured more than 30 on Wednesday.

An Eruption, and Fears of Something Worse

Amid the roar and the flying concrete, it seemed that everyone thought the same thing: It was terrorists again.

Pakistani Wife Embodies Cause of 'Disappeared'

Hundreds have been snatched by Pakistan's military and intelligence services since 2001, rights activists say.

Debate on Child Pornography's Link to Molesting

A report on Internet child-pornography offenders suggests that the proportion who molest children is very high.


At Last, Closure for Harry Potter

Harry Potter J.K. Rowling's spell-binding epic ends not with modernist, Soprano-esque equivocation, but with good old-fashioned closure, writes Michiko Kakutani.


Global Positioning by Cellphone

Global Positioning by Cellphone New services track kids, find concerts and blaze new trails.

What You Get for ... $500,000

Three- bedroom homes in Northport, Me. , and Traverse City, Mich. , and a loft condo in Los Angeles.

The Hedge-Fund Hybrid

The LS 600h L from Lexus may have set a new standard for automotive hyperbole.

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The Anguish of a Part-Timer

Strangely enough, part-time jobs can be a lot less flexible than full-time jobs.


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