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Gas Prices Rise on Refineries' Record Failures

A third of the country's oil refineries have reported disruptions like fires, power failures, leaks, spills and breakdowns since the beginning of the year.

Ethiopia Is Said to Block Food to Rebel Region

Hundreds of thousands of people in the eastern part of the country are at risk of starvation, diplomats and humanitarian officials say.

The Long Run
In a Volatile City, a Stern Line on Race and Politics

More than any other Republican running for president, Rudolph W. Giuliani has confronted the question of race.

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Slide Show: Turkey at a Crossroads
Lynsey Addario for The New York Times
Photographs Slide Show: Turkey at a Crossroads

The next chapter of Turkish history is unfolding: a power struggle between an old secular elite and a new, religious class. Turks are voting in parliamentary elections today.

Drug Safety Critic Hurls His Darts From the Inside

Steven E. Nissen performs industry-financed research, but he has emerged as a Naderesque figure on drug safety.

New Leaders Say Pensive French Think Too Much

In the country of the Enlightenment, President Nicolas Sarkozy's government advocates hard work, not musing.

Setting Restaurant Records by Selling the Sizzle

Tao Las Vegas, with $55.2 million in business last year, has set a new standard even for huge-volume restaurants.


Alaska by Land

The Kenai Peninsula has the making of an ideal road trip.

Next Stop: Montenegro

Where Elizabeth Taylor once vacationed, a new scene is set.

36 Hours in Amsterdam

The city is angling to be Europe's creative capital.

Battle of the Beds: S.U.V.'s With Pickup Lines

Versatility is both the strength and the weakness of the Ford Explorer Sport Trac and the Chevrolet Avalanche.

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The Anguish of a Part-Timer

Strangely enough, part-time jobs can be a lot less flexible than full-time jobs.


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