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Energy Bill Aids the Expansion Plans of Atomic Power Plants

A provision buried in a recent Senate bill could make new nuclear plants eligible for tens of billions of dollars in government loan guarantees.

States Export Their Inmates as Prisons Fill

Prison overcrowding has corrections officials in at least eight states looking across state lines for scarce prison beds.

A Second Stint as First Daughter?

If her mother manages to become the first female president of the United States, Chelsea Clinton could be in a historic position: the first first child twice over.

Chief Justice Is Hospitalized After Seizure

Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. was "fully recovered" from the seizure, the Supreme Court said.

Brazil, Alarmed, Reconsiders Climate Policy
Lalo de Almeida for The New York Times
Brazil, Alarmed, Reconsiders Climate Policy

Brazil has resisted programs to reduce deforestation, but a drought in the Amazon has prompted a new flexibility.

Murdoch Awaits Decision on His Dow Offer

The News Corporation appeared tantalizingly close to succeeding in its bid to acquire Dow Jones & Company.

Path to Parole Becomes Issue in Murder Case

A suspect in a triple murder in Connecticut had already committed a string of brazen burglaries by the age of 22.

Afghan Police Find Body of 2nd South Korean

The Taliban also threatened to kill more hostages if their demands were not met by the latest of several deadlines.

How Ford Brought Power to the People

Three decades before the muscle car's heyday, Henry Ford bolted a V-8 engine into a light-bodied 1932 chassis.

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Dealing With Morale After Layoffs

Small efforts can go a long way toward comforting co-workers and lightening the mood.


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