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Markets Fall as Lender Woes Keep Mounting

worsening Stocks tumbled on fears that ills Partisan in the mortgage and debt markets could soon take a significant toll on the overall economy.

Anger Stalls Congress in Final Push

Congress stumbled toward a recess on a discordant note in the latest example of the ideological standoff that has slowed progress all year.

Slowly, Clinton Shifts on War, Quieting Foes

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, who voted in 2002 to authorize the invasion of Iraq, has over the past year repositioned herself.


The tension between Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama on the campaign trail is spilling over into the Senate.

Seeking Militants on a Night Raid in Iraq
Benjamin Lowy for The New York Times
Seeking Militants on a Night Raid in Iraq

Helicopter operations have enabled U.S. forces to leapfrog over difficult terrain to pursue insurgents in rural Iraq. Above, American soldiers on the ground in mid-July.

States Across the Country Race to Inspect Bridges

Officials are focusing on bridges like the steel-deck truss bridge that collapsed in Minneapolis, killing at least five.

More on the Collapse
Drug Gangs Use Violence to Sway Guatemala Vote

Twenty-six people have been killed in 61 attacks on candidates and activists as national elections approach.



Still Searching

Still Searching "The Bourne Ultimatum" drills into your psyche as well as into your body, writes Manohla Dargis.

A Singer's Soul Revealed

A Singer's Soul Revealed Marc Anthony unleashes his charisma on stage in "El Cantante," writes A. O. Scott.

First Came Style ; Now, Substance

A stronger body and redesigned suspension have delivered huge improvements in the Audi TT.

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Hold the Elevator for Me. Forever.

Elevator phobia afflicts working people across the nation, and not just in vertical metropolises.


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