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Potential Flaw Seen in Design of Fallen Bridge

In making public their suspicion about the flaw, officials were signaling a potentially crucial discovery and a safety concern for other bridges.

British Criticize U.S. Air Attacks in Afghan Region

A senior British commander said that the high level of civilian casualties caused by American Special Forces was making it difficult to win over local people.

Hurdles Frustrate Effort to Shrink Guant á namo

The effort to reduce the population at the detention center has been hampered by a number of diplomatic, legal and political challenges, officials say.

First Father: Tough Times on Sidelines

These are distressing days for George Herbert Walker Bush, who, at 83, finds it tough to watch his son get criticized from the sidelines.

A Bridge Must Span Years of Bias and Sadness
Seokyong Lee for The New York Times
A Bridge Must Span Years of Bias and Sadness

Leprosy patients living on Sorok Island, South Korea, will be less isolated when a bridge to the mainland opens soon.

New York Transit Failings Similar to Those in 2004

As in a 2004 storm, officials blamed overwhelmed pumps and the city's sewers for crippling the subway system.

Aftermath of the Storm

An interactive map with reader comments, audio from commuters and photographs from the storm.

From Two Broken Lives to One New Beginning

HBO has publicized the stories of a man and woman's decline into drugs and violence, but the tale of their shared redemption and coming marriage is less known.

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Socializing Online

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An Entire Bookshelf, Now in Your Hands

An Entire Bookshelf, Now in Your Hands A variety of new digital tools, from cellphones to dedicated readers, can crack open electronic books.

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Easier Internet Radio

Easier Internet Radio Several new breakthrough portable consoles can tune in to Internet radio stations, David Pogue says.

Finding a Property Manager

Professional property managers are part of an industry that has boomed right along with the second-home market.

Married to a Muscle Car

From the age of 15, Mike Tyrrell's life centered on muscle cars and drag racing.

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The Boss: Of Trash and Treasure

"I wanted the toll-free number 1-800-Got-Junk. I was inspired by the 'Got Milk' commercial."


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