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Asian Markets Fall as Credit Fears Spread

Central banks around Asia joined efforts in the U.S. and Europe to stave off a credit crunch today, as stocks in Japan and Hong Kong fell by more than 2.5 percent.

Jordan Yields Poverty and Pain for the Well-Off Fleeing Iraq

In a painful new reality for an important part of Iraq's population, professionals who fled elsewhere in the Middle East are finding it difficult to make ends meet.

For Missouri, Stem Cell Amendment Changes Little

A voter-approved expansion of stem cell research in the state has run into political and financial roadblocks, putting the future of the research in doubt.

Drill Reaches Depth of Utah Miners
Andrew Gombert / European Pressphoto Agency
Drill Reaches Depth of Utah Miners

Officials at a press conference today in Huntington, Utah, said they heard no sound through a microphone that was lowered into the area where six coal miners are trapped.

Facing a Furor, Pakistan Rejects Emergency Rule

Gen. Pervez Musharraf backed away from declaring a state of emergency after a gathering storm of pressure.

In a Crisis, Subway Riders Get Little Guidance

The storm in New York this week highlighted yet again deficiencies in how the M.T.A. gets information to people.

Product Packages Now Shout to Get Your Attention

Consumer goods companies are using their products' packages as 3-D ads to grab shoppers' fickle attention.

Sonnets in Marble

A Florentine sculptor is celebrated anew in Washington.

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Product Packages Shout

Does a creative packaging design influence your decision to buy something?

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Michigan's Copper Country

Michigan's Copper Country Revisiting the pleasures of the once industrial Keweenaw Peninsula, where ore is history.

Singing the Blues All Over

Singing the Blues All Over Music festivals from Arkansas to Alberta this fall honor a uniquely American genre.

Finding a Property Manager

Professional property managers are part of an industry that has boomed right along with the second-home market.

Married to a Muscle Car

From age 15, Mike Tyrrell's life centered on muscle cars and drag racing.

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The Boss: Of Trash and Treasure

"I wanted the toll-free number 1-800-Got-Junk. I was inspired by the 'Got Milk' commercial."


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