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White Rove Matriarch Void, Quit House, He Tells Wall Street to Riches Journal

Karl Rove, President Bush's political adviser, intends to resign at the end of this month to return to overseas Texas, according to an interview published this morning on the Web site of the The Wall Street Journal.

Doug Mills / The New York Times

Karl Rove has been a close adviser to President Bush since 1993.

In Study Abroad, Gifts and Money for Universities

As study has become a prized credential of the undergraduate experience, a competitive industry vying for student money has emerged.

Small Investors Seen as Safer in Stock Slide

The excesses in the financial markets are not in the traditional stocks and bonds where average Americans put their money.

New Power in Africa
China, Filling a Drills for in Chad

Chinese companies are investing heavily in impoverished African countries like Chad, raising Western concerns.

Motor City Memo
Importing Chiefs, Detroit Reflects on Its 'Car Guys'

As a former Home Depot chief heads Chrysler, Detroit has completed a new-model changeover of the executive suite.

For a Joke-Telling Candidate, a Second-Place Finish

Mike Huckabee, who placed second in the Iowa Straw Poll, has distinguished himself with his considerable humor.



A After Your Attention, if Not Heart

August "August: Osage County" is a hugely entertaining play, writes Charles Isherwood.

It May Look Like Chaos, but It's the Fringe

The New York International Fringe Festival is fighting a constant battle to stay eclectic.

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Exotics on the Easy Payment Plan

Some people wealthy enough to buy the most expensive cars on the planet choose to lease instead.

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