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Rove to Resign as Bush Aide at End of Month

In an emotional appearance with President Bush, Karl Rove said he wanted to think about the "next chapter" in his family's life.

News Analysis
Legacy Laden With Prot g s

Karl Rove's legacy as a political strategist can be measured in a presidential campaign that has already begun without him.

The Hard Part
After Killings, Sense of Unity Surprises Newark

A brutal triple murder has provoked a level of outrage, and commitment to change, not seen since the riots of 40 years ago.

Dr. Google and Dr. Microsoft
Getty Images
Dr. Google and Dr. Microsoft

The two leading candidates for Web supremacy have been working on plans to move personal health records online.

In the Glare of Iraq: The General and the Outsider

>Gen. David H. Petraeus Gen. David H. Petraeus stresses the downside, as well as the upside.

Robert M. Gates Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates does more listening than talking.

A Grass-Roots Effort to Grow Old at Home

Groups want to make neighborhoods comfortable places to grow old for those not interested in assisted living.

Brooke Astor, 105, Aristocrat of the People, Dies

Brooke Astor reigned over New York society and devoted her considerable resources to New York's unfortunate.

Readers' Opinions
Children at Play

Do you think children's lives are too closely monitored and scheduled?

Questions and Answers on the Markets

The Times's Floyd Norris on the markets, mortgage troubles and the credit squeeze.

Science Times


Sweatology The human cooling system may be leaky, but it's efficient.

Who's Controlling Our Lives?

Who's Controlling Our Lives? Is our universe somebody else's hobby?

Turning On a Brain

Turning On a Brain By toggling a light switch, scientists can control a brain.

Exotics on the Easy Payment Plan

Some people wealthy enough to buy the most expensive cars on the planet choose to lease instead.

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