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Asian Markets Tumble Amid Mortgage Crisis

Stocks in Asia continued a downward spiral today, led by shares in South Korea. Across Europe, markets were also sustaining losses.

U.S. Is Prodding Pakistan Leader to Share Power

U.S. officials are quietly urging Pakistan's president, Gen. Pervez Musharraf, to share power with Benazir Bhutto, a longtime rival.

Parents Warned Cough Medicines Imperil Infants

The Food and Drug Administration issued an advisory against giving cough and cold medicines to children under the age of 2.

Audio Audio: Iraq Toll at 250
  • James Glanz talks to Diana Oliva Cave about the deadliest attack of the war.(mp3)
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Quake Rocks Peru, Leaving Dead and Rubble
H ctor Vinces / Andina, via Reuters
Quake Rocks Peru, Leaving Dead and Rubble

A man examined the damage to his house after a powerful earthquake forced evacuations in Peru on Wednesday. At least 115 people were killed, an official said early today.

Bridge Failure Can't Fend Off Usual Politics

It took all of two weeks for the political unity brought on by a deadly bridge collapse in Minneapolis to unravel.

CARE Turns Down Federal Funds for Food Aid

CARE, one of the world's biggest charities, said that American food aid may hurt the people it aims to help.

Mixed Signals: Driving to Work as a Tax Break

A new federal push to promote traffic-busting policies like congestion pricing appears to contradict other tax breaks.


The Record of Your Life as a Digital Archive

The Record of Your Life as a Digital Archive Several low cost services can digitize virtually any document, movie or musical recording so you can store your precious records on disk.

Bluetooth and the End of Audio Wiring

Bluetooth and the End of Audio Wiring David Pogue delves into disappearing wires and the growing wireless technology industry.

Exotics on the Easy Payment Plan

Some people wealthy enough to buy the most expensive cars on the planet choose to lease instead.

Submit photos and view and comment on other readers' cars. Also, view and submit events to the Automotive Events Calendar.

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Technology Reveals New Worlds to Map

Geographic information systems link maps and databases for a variety of applications.


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