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White House to Offer Iraq Plan of Gradual Cuts

The plan falls far short of the drawdown demanded by Congressional opponents of the war, officials said.

News Analysis
Padilla Case Offers a New Model of Terror Trial

The Justice Department's use of a seldom-tested conspiracy law in the Jose Padilla case cemented a new prosecutorial paradigm.

Fearing Slide in Economy, Fed Cuts Its Discount Rate

The rare move was seen as an admission by the Federal Reserve that its outlook on the credit crisis was flawed, and analysts suggested that further cuts are likely.

Photographs Photos of the Week

Photographs from the New York region, compiled by City Room .

Lebanon Bans Tale of Fighters in Militias
Bryan Denton for The New York Times
Lebanon Bans Tale of Fighters in Militias

The Lebanese artist Rabih Mrou will not stage his new piece for the audience with whom it might resonate most.

New Power in Africa
Chinese Entrepreneurs Flourish in Africa

Hundreds of thousands of Chinese migrants are doing business on a continent that had been terra incognita.

Summer Rituals
Raising Sash for a View of the City's Daily Ballet

There are few summer sights more archetypically urban than the face in an open window gazing out at the street.


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Serena Williams is the most exciting player in women's tennis. For some, that's still not enough.

The Rise of the Unrestored Classic

A reverence for original finishes and the patina of time is developing among collectors of classic cars.

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Technology Reveals New Worlds to Map

Geographic information systems link maps and databases for a variety of applications.


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