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Caution Over Shuttle Shows Shift at NASA

Confronted with the same kind of problem that doomed the space shuttle Columbia, officials took a new approach during the current Endeavour mission.

Standpipe Flaw Examined in Fire at Ground Zero

A damaged valve may have sent tons of water into the basement of the Deutsche Bank tower, keeping it from air-starved firefighters battling the blaze above.

Six Killers
Looking Past Blood Sugar to Survive With Diabetes

Largely because of a misunderstanding of the proper treatment, most diabetes patients are not doing what they should to protect themselves.

To Compete With E-Mail, Cards Get Topical
Chris Cummins for The New York Times
To Compete With E-Mail, Cards Get Topical

Greeting card companies hope to promote the idea that cards can be sent anytime, not just on special occasions.

After Foreclosure, a Big Tax Bill From the I.R.S.

Americans who have lost their homes may be subject to income taxes on their canceled debt.

Border Crossings
Rising Breed of Migrant Worker: Skilled, Salaried and Welcome

As legions of workers across the globe face new barriers to migration, professionals find more welcome mats.

Move Over Mickey: A New Franchise at Disney

The debut of "High School Musical 2" was the most watched show in basic cable history, estimates show.

Global Markets Rally After U.S. Rebound

Japan's Nikkei 225 posted its largest one-day gain in 13 months, and European shares were trading higher.

Caymans Brace as Hurricane Dean Nears

The hurricane left a trail of destruction across the Caribbean, flooding streets as it passed Jamaica.

Readers' Opinions
Working Out Your Brain

Does exercise help you think more clearly?

Photographs Slide Show
Suiting Up Again for U.S.

Suiting Up Again for U.S. Veterans injured in Iraq competed in Rio de Janeiro.


More 'Summer Nights'

Grease The message of the new revival of "Grease" is that anyone can star in a Broadway musical, writes Ben Brantley.

High-Energy Behemoth Devours Edinburgh

The shows generating much of the attention at this year's Edinburgh Festival Fringe were adrenaline rushes.

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The Rise
of the Unrestored Classic

A reverence for original finishes and the patina of time is developing among collectors of classic cars.

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That Yawn After Lunch Is Perfectly Normal

The urge for an afternoon nap is natural enough, but your job, alas, is not in Spain.


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