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Home Depot Unit Sees Price Plunge in a Tight Market

The company dropped the sale price of its commercial supply business by nearly $2 billion, one of the first big buyouts renegotiated amid the credit squeeze.

Schools Fight for Teachers Because of High Turnover

The retirement and departure of thousands of teachers is fueling a crisis in turnover that is costing school districts substantial amounts of money.

The Long Run
As Legal Counsel, Thompson Walked Capital's Fine Line

Fred D. Thompson hopes that his experience as an investigator of government wrongdoing will help propel him to the presidency.

Building a Future in Texas
Michael Stravato for The New York Times
Building a Future in Texas

The counties of South Texas are among the poorest in the U.S. , and their subdivisions, or colonias, can look the part.

Past 50, and Still Running Into the Flames

Robert Beddia, who died at the Deutsche Bank skyscraper, was one of 502 firefighters over 50 on a force of 9,090.

Kibbutz Yasur Journal
The Kibbutz Sheds Socialism and Gains Popularity

Israel's kibbutzim are once again thriving, attracting new members with a mellower version of collective living.

Your Ad Here, on My S.U.V.? And You'll Pay?

Thousands of motorists have agreed to wrap their cars in advertisements in exchange for up to $800 a month.

Choking on Growth
Choking on Growth
Chang W. Lee / The New York Times


Review: 'Iphigenia 2.0'

Boys Charles Mee's play brings a tabloid style to Greek tragedy, specializing in jarring juxtapositions.

Shakespearean Stoppard Meets Stoppardian Shakespeare

Two shows at Shakespeare & Company in Lenox, Mass. , offer a playground for games with genres.

More in Theater
Just the Setting for Chekhov

Each August, two married directors invite actors, musicians and designers to their house to stage a play.

Laundered, but Still Lemons

There is a good chance a car labeled as a lemon can be sold in another state with no indication of its troubled past.

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Minding the Meeting, or Your Computer?

When it comes to laptops in business meetings, it's not all passing electronic notes and Web surfing.


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