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Iraq Weapons Are a Focus of Criminal Investigations

An investigation into the purchasing and delivery of billions of dollars of weapons has already led to several indictments of Americans, with more expected.

Gonzales, Loyal to Bush, Held Firm on War Policies

Time and again, Alberto R. Gonzales returned to the theme that in wartime the president has broad powers to protect the country.

News Analysis
Departures Offer Chance for a Fresh Start as Term Ebbs

For President Bush, the back-to-back resignations of two longtime aides amount to a political housecleaning for his last months in office.

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High Rolling Right Past Las Vegas
Timothy O'Rourke for The New York Times
High Rolling Right Past Las Vegas

Macao is staking its claim to be the world's gambling capital as the Venetian Macao Resort, above, opens today.

In Greece, Wine Saves Life ; a Mother's Arms Do Not

When water ran out, a man used wine to save his house from Greece's worst forest fires in more than a century.

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The Wealthy Get an Extra Shield for Wildfires

The insurance company AIG is spraying a fire retardant goop on expensive homes threatened by wildfires in Idaho.

3 Disciplined Over Fatal Fire at Bank Tower

Three senior fire officers were relieved of their posts for failing to inspect the building or planning for a fire there.

U.S. Open '07

Play started at the U.S. Open as Venus Williams, right, Serena Williams, Justine Henin and Roger Federer won and an eye-popping lineup honored Althea Gibson. More dispatches from Times reporters.

Expert Roundtable

Yang Fuqiang, an expert on energy efficiency in Beijing, answers questions about China's pollution.

Readers' Opinions
Game Over for Vick?

Should the N.F.L. allow Michael Vick to play again?

Just the Setting for Chekhov

Each August, two married directors invite actors, musicians and designers to their house to stage a play.

Laundered, but Still Lemons

There is a good chance a car labeled as a lemon can be sold in another state with no indication of its troubled past.

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