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Obstacles Keep Iraqi Refugees From U.S.

Despite a stepped-up commitment from the United States to take in Iraqis who are in danger because they worked for the military, few are signing up to go, officials say.

Persistent Fear Drives Stocks Down

The stock market plunged as investors were hit by fresh worries over declining consumer confidence, falling house prices, shrinking profits and uncertainty.

Wages Rise in China as Businesses Court the Young

Higher wages in China are likely to lead to higher prices in the United States.

The second day of play was an easy one for big-name players like Maria Sharapova . Read other updates on the U.S. Open Blog .

3 South Korean Hostages Freed by Taliban
Shah Marai / Agence France Presse Getty Images
3 South Korean Hostages Freed by Taliban

The three women, their faces hidden, are the first of 19 captives scheduled to be released under a deal struck between the Taliban and the South Korean government.

Political Memo
A Scandal-Scarred G.O.P. Asks, 'What Next?'

The case of Senator Larry E. Craig of Idaho, who pleaded guilty to trying to solicit sex at an airport, is the latest challenge to the Republican Party.

Turkish Official With Islamic Ties Wins Presidency

Abdullah Gul's victory breaks an 84-year grip on power by the secular establishment.

Census Shows a Modest Rise in U.S. Income

The nation's median household income grew modestly in 2006 even as the percentage of people without health insurance hit a high.

Interactive Feature: Life Since Katrina

An interactive feature looks at life in New Orleans over the past two years, since Hurricane Katrina devastated the city and the region.


Amid All the Cheers, a Few Signs of Change

Amid All the Cheers, a Few Signs of Change Hilary Duff's music is much better than it might be, and much better than it needs to be.

Volatile Markets? Art World Takes Stock

The art world is wondering how volatile financial markets might affect its own specialized market.

Belonging and Belief, Found in Scrap Lumber

Belonging and Belief, Found in Scrap Lumber Mike Nelson's project is a labyrinthine construction on the Lower East Side.

Just the Setting for Chekhov

Each August, two married directors invite actors, musicians and designers to their house to stage a play.

Laundered, but Still Lemons

There is a good chance a car labeled as a lemon can be sold in another state with no indication of its troubled past.

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