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Senator to Quit Over Sex Sting, Officials Say

Senator Larry E. Craig will resign under pressure in the aftermath of an undercover sex sting, according to Republican Party officials.

Chief Says Fed Is Ready to Act on Credit Pinch

Ben S. Bernanke said the central bank "stands ready to take additional actions as needed" to prevent chaos in the mortgage markets from derailing the economy.

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Bush Fights Back on Iraq Reports

President Bush met with the nation's uniformed military leaders and then pointedly accused the war's critics of politicizing the debate over what to do next.

Tourists Return to a Scorched Greece
Tourists Return to a Scorched Greece

Smoke rose last week on the Peloponnesian peninsula, but with most fires now out, tourists are trickling in again.

Diplomatic Memo
As Her Star Wanes, Rice Tries to Reshape Legacy

Condoleezza Rice's gloss is diminishing with a stream of expos s and tell-all books about the Bush administration.

Young Fliers See the Film, Be It PG or R

Critics say airlines have relaxed their rules for in-flight movies, exposing children to violence and sexual content.

Hey, Who's He? With Gwyneth? The Google Guy

One Google engineer has had his picture taken with more than 100 luminaries who have visited the company.


Mysterious Reflections of Hollywood Paranoia

The Nines "The Nines," starring Ryan Reynolds, is a "mind teaser with satirical fangs," writes Stephen Holden.

A Far-Eastern Western

Exiled Johnnie To's "Exiled" is "engrossing and sometimes touching," writes Matt Zoller Seitz.

What You Get for ... $400,000

A two-bedroom beach cottage in Sarasota, Fla. , a one-bedroom condo in Santa Fe, N.M. , and a four-bedroom house in Palm Desert, Calif.

New Accord Is a Game Changer

With sophistication and finesse, the 2008 Honda Accord may be the best in its class.

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