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Hard Times Help Leaders in Iran Tighten Their Grip

Iran's increasing economic and political isolation is helping leaders to hold back what they see as corrupting foreign influences.

News Analysis
Bush Shifts Terms for Measuring Progress in Iraq

President Bush is focusing on new American alliances with the tribes and local groups that Washington once feared would tear the country apart.

The Long Run
In Turmoil of '68, Clinton Found a New Voice

Hillary Rodham Clinton's course was set, in large part, during the supercharged year of 1968, as the nation boiled over Vietnam and civil rights.

A Naming Culture Even a Law May Not Tame
David Rochkind / Polaris, for The New York Times
Caracas Journal
A Naming Culture Even a Law May Not Tame

Venezuela may ban creative naming. Above, Kleiderman Jes s, Yureimi Klaymar, Yusneidi Alicia, Yusmary Shuain, Kleiderson Klarth and Yusmery Sailing Vargas.

Terrorism Suspects Arrested in Germany

An alleged plot would have targeted a U.S. military base and Frankfurt International Airport, authorities said.

No More Privies, So Hikers Add a Carry-Along

More park stewards in the West are removing outhouses from trails and asking hikers to pack out their own waste.

Short on Labor, Farmers in U.S. Shift to Mexico

Concerned about a crackdown on immigrant labor, more farmers have been moving across the border to Mexico.

Readers' Opinions

Best New Restaurant ...

What new restaurants have you tried lately in your city, and which of those have you enjoyed the most?

Magazine Preview
Conscience of a Conservative

A former Bush adviser tells the story of the secret legal battle over the war on terror.


Will Success Spoil Kanye West?

The Ego Sessions: Will Success Spoil Kanye West? On "Graduation," Mr. West admits that his ego has reached giant proportions.

The New Man at EA Sports

Peter Moore says he will try to move EA Sports beyond video games.

A Crime Show Produces a New Body

A Crime Show Produces a New Body On "Criminal Minds" a crisis is averted as a familiar face steps into a new starring role.

It's a Stretch, Grandpa, but I Got a Rolls

The Drophead Coup is the newest version of a Rolls-Royce reborn for the 21st century.

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