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Petraeus, Seeing Gains in Iraq as Fragile, Is Wary of Cuts

Gen. David H. Petraeus wants to keep heightened troop levels in Iraq well into next year, but could accept the pullback of one brigade in January, officials say.

For Thompson, Goal Is to Don Reagan Mantle

Fred D. Thompson is trying to win over conservatives by positioning himself as the ideological and stylistic heir of Ronald Reagan.

Border Crossings
Jobs Abroad Support 'Model' State in India

Some scholars in the Indian state of Kerala say that the celebrated corner of the developing world is far too dependent on capitalism.

Bush and S. Korea Leader in Testy Exchange
Jim Watson / Agence France-Presse %u2014 Getty Images
Bush and S. Korea Leader in Testy Exchange

President Bush's comments today toward President Roh Moo-hyun suggested growing tensions over North Korea.

Fugitive Political Fund-Raiser Arrested in Colorado

Norman Hsu, the Democratic donor who has twice been a fugitive from justice, was taken into custody by the F.B.I.

Accuracy of 9 / 11 Health Reports Is Questioned

A small clinic that handled the cases of thousands of 9 / 11 recovery and cleanup workers is coming under scrutiny.

In Plot Suspect, Germany Sees Familiar Face

Interviews and documents sketch a picture of the German native charged in a terror plot as a troubled young man.



The Power of Plaid

Testing the Power of Plaid Fall kicks off a season of traditional Highland games.

Paddles in the Potomac

Paddles in the Potomac A kayaking trip on the Potomac, full of urban and rural sights.

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Ethanol and the Tortilla Tax

The price of motor fuel and the price of tortillas both testify to the resourcefulness of corn growers.

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