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Bush Nearing Choice to Lead Justice Dept.

Former Solicitor General Theodore B. Olson, seen as a staunch partisan, is considered a top candidate to replace Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales.

Officials Cite Long-Term Need for U.S. in Iraq

The two top American military and diplomatic officials in Iraq were unable to argue that the heightened troop levels had made more than fragile and transitory progress.

For Iraqis, General's Report Offers Bitter Truth

Iraqis want nothing more than to have U.S. soldiers leave Iraq, but there is nothing they can less afford.

Japanese Premier, Losing Support, Resigns
Toru Hanai / Reuters
Japanese Premier, Losing Support, Resigns

Shinzo Abe, the nationalist leader whose vision of an unapologetically strong Japan sank amid scandals, incompetence and gaffes, said he would step down.

About New York
TimesSelect 90th Floor Frozen, Even as Ground Zero Changes

Sept. 11, as a public occasion, has shrunk to life-size: potent as ever for people holding photographs, but unlikely to start wars again.

Earmark Gone, Indian Project Is One-Winged

In South Dakota, a half-finished project meant to lure investment to Indian reservations is a symbol of how Congressional pet projects can go bad.


A Spy Plays Two Sides

Service and Lies: A Spy Plays Two Sides Ben Macintyre's "Agent Zigzag" is the story of Britain's most unlikely intelligence asset.

Omigosh! 'OC' With Warmer Duds?

Omigosh! 'OC' With Warmer Duds? "Gossip Girl" has already gained buzz as the East Coast "OC."

As Hardtops Hide, Trunks Go Missing

With the Pontiac G6 and Chrysler Sebring convertibles, the retractable hardtop infiltrates the domestic four-seater.

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The Not-So- Simple Art of the Blood Test

Only a few states require licensing for phlebotomists it's mainly on-the-job training.


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