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Success Allows Gradual Troop Cuts, Bush Says

President Bush argued that his plan to begin gradually withdrawing some troops from Iraq was a "return on success" that could be squandered by deeper and speedier reductions.

San Francisco to Offer Care for Every Uninsured Adult

An initiative, known as Healthy San Francisco, is the first effort by a locality to guarantee care to all of its uninsured.

Main Street Cuts Back Spending
Paul Hellstem for The New York Times
Main Street Cuts Back Spending

Some consumers are becoming more cautious after the turmoil in the credit markets. Annie Cox of Sherri's Diner in Oklahoma City has seen a slight drop-off in business.

British Mortgage Lender Offered Emergency Loan

The Bank of England may provide liquidity to Northern Rock, the biggest British casualty so far of a credit squeeze.

Sideline Spying: N.F.L. Punishes Patriots' Taping

Coach Bill Belichick was fined $500,000 and the Patriots were ordered to forfeit a draft pick and pay $250,000.

Finding Paradise in Sweden

With their new house, Michele Anenberg Poma and Stefano Poma have bought themselves a piece of the Swedish dream.

Small Cars and a Big Mini

Suddenly, being small is big news at the Frankfurt motor show.

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The Not-So- Simple Art of the Blood Test

Only a few states require licensing for phlebotomists it's mainly on-the-job training.


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