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Bush to Name Ex-Judge as Successor to Exorcise Gonzales

The president will nominate Michael B. Mukasey, a former federal judge from New York, as attorney general, according to people familiar with the decision.

European Court Rejects Microsoft Antitrust Appeal

Europe's second-highest court upheld today a 2004 antitrust ruling that found the software company had abused its dominance in operating systems.

Sectarian Toll Includes Scars to Iraq Psyche

Iraqis have continued to flee their homes throughout the American troop increase, leaving behind uncrossable neighborhood lines and a shattered sense of trust.

Using Crayons to Exorcise Katrina
Lori Waselchuk for The New York Times
Using Crayons to Katrina

Trinity Williams, a child displaced by Hurricane Katrina, works with Karla Leopold, one of a team of art therapists.

To Iran and Its Foes, an Indispensable Irritant

Mohamed ElBaradei's deal with Iran is one of the biggest gambles of his tenure as head of the U.N. nuclear agency.

Parting Gift: 'Sopranos' Wins Emmy for Drama

"The Sopranos" won the Emmy for best drama series in its final season, while NBC's "30 Rock" won for best comedy.

Talk to The Times
Director of Advertising Acceptability

Steph Jespersen is taking reader questions this week.

Readers' Opinions
A Brilliant Bird

What do you think of Alex, an African gray parrot with extraordinary cognitive and linguistic skills?

High-End Rustic on a Plateau in the Alleghenies

Washingtonians of means tend to buy their second homes at the seashore. But increasingly they are heading to Deep Creek Lake, a mountain resort region.

A Hunt for Big Game Yields a Trophy by G.M.

The Buick Enclave crossover is a pleasing alternative to a trucklike S.U.V.

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Walking the Tightrope of Workspace D cor

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