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Fed Cuts Rate Half Point, and Stock Markets Soar

The Dow gained 2.5 percent after the Fed's forceful move, which was intended to limit the damage from the disorder in the housing and credit markets.

Migration Reshapes Iraq's Sectarian Landscape

A vast internal migration is radically altering Iraq's ethnic and sectarian makeup, according to new data collected by thousands of relief workers.

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In Olympics Success, Romney Found Edge
Jeffrey D. Allred for The New York Times
In Olympics Success, Romney Found Edge

A pragmatism that allowed Mitt Romney to run the 2002 Winter Games now haunts him on the campaign trail.

Isolation of Gaza Chokes Off Trade

With Gaza almost entirely shut off from normal trade, Palestinian businesses are enduring a deep depression.

An Old Friend Joins Giuliani in a Spotlight

The ties run deep between Rudolph W. Giuliani and the attorney general nominee, Michael B. Mukasey.

Health Plan Overhauled at Wal-Mart

The retailer unveiled a plan intended to expand coverage and offer workers cheap prescription drugs.

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Steph Jespersen is taking reader questions this week.

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Happiness at $10 or Less

What's the best bottle of wine you've had for under $10?


Mean Girls Rule Prep School

Reading, Writing and Raunch: Mean Girls Rule Prep School The TV version of "Gossip Girl" does not quite live up to the novels, Alessandra Stanley writes.

Making a Career After a Monster Hit

Many songwriters would kill for the predicament that James Blunt is in: famous for one song, and only one.

A Hunt for Big Game Yields a Trophy by G.M.

The Buick Enclave crossover is a pleasing alternative to a trucklike S.U.V.

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It's About the Journey

"The noise, yelling and constant stream of data from the markets invigorated me."


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