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Effort to Shift Course in Iraq Fails in Senate

A proposal that Senate Democrats had put forward as their best chance of changing strategy in Iraq died as Republicans stood behind President Bush.

NBC to Offer Downloads of Its Shows

NBC Universal announced plans for a service to make popular NBC programs available free for computers and other devices.

In Egypt, a Rising Push Against Genital Cutting

Circumcision, as supporters call it, or female genital mutilation, as opponents refer to it, was suddenly a ferocious focus of debate in Egypt this summer.

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  • Interview With a Young Egyptian
Surfing the World Wide Couch
Horst Wackerbarth, from the Red Couch Project, Europe
Surfing the World Wide Couch

Conversation and a new friend's sofa are plenty for the young, globally networked traveler.

Armed Guards in Iraq Occupy a Legal Limbo

Recent incidents in Iraq have revealed large gaps in the laws applying to armed contractors.

Big Terror Trial Shaped Views of Justice Pick

The lessons learned from a complex terrorism trial in 1996 are still echoing with Michael B. Mukasey.

A Minister's Public Lesson on Domestic Violence

A domestic violence case involving a television evangelist has left some questioning her credibility.


What's the Setting for a Snowy Beach at Dusk?

The computing power inside even the cheapest digital cameras allows a photographer to get even better pictures.

Beware the Tapeless Camcorder

Beware the Tapeless Camcorder Tapeless camcorders have arrived, but be aware of price and picture quality.

Besting Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger went away disappointed, but when Don Dennis decided to buy a home on the island of Gigha, Scotland, the sellers welcomed him with open arms.

A Hunt for Big Game Yields a Trophy by G.M.

The Buick Enclave crossover is a pleasing alternative to a trucklike S.U.V.

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It's About the Journey

"The noise, yelling and constant stream of data from the markets invigorated me."


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