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In G.M. Strike, Both Sides See a Crossroads

The length of the walkout may hinge on two crucial questions: How long can the union afford to stay out? And how long can General Motors endure a strike?

Ahmadinejad, at Columbia, Parries and Puzzles

In a hostile environment at Columbia University, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran meandered from science and religion to politics.

Court Advances Military Trials for Detainees

A special military appeals court's ruling was a victory for the government in its efforts to begin prosecuting some of the 340 detainees at Guant namo Bay, Cuba.

A Grand Night at the Opera, Indoors or Out
Beatrice de Gea for The New York Times
A Grand Night at the Opera, Indoors or Out

Opera fans took seats in Times Square on Monday night to watch a live transmission as the Metropolitan Opera opened its season with "Lucia di Lammermoor." A review.

Burmese Monks Protest, Defying Junta's Warning

Despite an order from Myanmar's junta to stay out of politics, Buddhist monks returned to the streets today.

Outsourcing Works So Well, India Is Exporting Jobs

Indian outsourcing companies are hiring workers and opening offices in other developing countries.

D.E.A. Exposes a Steroid Web With China Tie

Authorities exposed an underground distribution network for illicit drugs supplied by 37 companies in China.

Electric, but Are They Fantastic?

No electric or plug-in hybrid car can yet match a typical gas-powered sedan for a comparable price.

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