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Scene of Blackwater Shooting Was Chaotic

Participants in a contentious Baghdad security operation this month say that at least one guard continued firing on civilians while colleagues urgently called for a cease-fire.

Push for Action on Flight Delays

President Bush ordered transportation officials to take steps to reduce delays in the nation's overcrowded airspace.

Report Assails F.D.A. Oversight of Clinical Trials

The Food and Drug Administration does very little to ensure the safety of the millions of people who participate in clinical trials, a federal investigator has found.

Friendship in Letters and Paint
National Gallery of Scotland
Friendship in Letters and Paint

You will come to know Vincent van Gogh in some depth in a show that is itself a self-portrait. Above, "Olive Trees."

New Test Asks: What Does 'American' Mean?

Authorities unveiled 100 new questions that immigrants will have to study to become American citizens.

Edwards to Accept Public Financing for Primaries

Advisers said that John Edwards wanted to draw a distinction with his main rivals on the issue of money's influence on politics.

Choking on Growth
Choking on Growth
Du Bin for The New York Times
Choking on Growth
Beneath Cities, China's Future Dries Up

Groundwater levels are dropping around China, as cities, industry and farming compete for scarce water supplies.

The College Issue

Affirmative Action, undercover, fighting words at West Point, admissions madness and why college still matters.

Editorial Page Editor

Andrew Rosenthal is answering questions from readers this week.

A Second Home at Sea

Robert H. Dickinson, the president and chief executive of Carnival Cruise Lines, may be retiring, but he still plans to spend many weeks a year at sea.

Countdown to Nissan's Global Super Coupe

Culturally, the GT-R is the Corvette of Japan.

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