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Ban Sought on Cold Medicine for Very Young

Experts urged the Food and Drug Administration to ban over-the-counter, multisymptom cough and cold medicines for children under 6.

Texas Planning New Execution Despite Ruling

Unlike other states, Texas is risking a confrontation with the Supreme Court by choosing to proceed with lethal injections after the court stayed one execution.

As Prices Soar, U.S. Food Aid Buys Less

Higher prices, partly due to demand for ethanol made from corn, have helped slash American food aid to its lowest level in a decade.

Web Political Column

There's more to Hillary Clinton's laugh than meets the ears.

Turning All of Manhattan Into a Stage
Dara Friedman
Turning All of Manhattan Into a Stage

"Musical," a video project by Dara Friedman, features various people singing show tunes in public parts of Manhattan while a crew discreetly shoots them.

Suicide Bombing Kills 27 Afghans

A bomber wearing an Afghan military uniform approached a bus full of Afghan soldiers on their way to work and detonated a belt of explosives.

Donors Gone, Trusts Veer From Their Wishes

Large banks have wide latitude to operate trusts that had been left in the hands of local institutions they acquire.

Rural Waterfront Oasis That's Not Far From Town

Property on the Delmarva Peninsula remains inexpensive when compared with land on the more metropolitan western shores of Maryland and Virginia.

Countdown to Nissan's Global Super Coupe

Culturally, the GT-R is the Corvette of Japan.

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