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Secret U.S. Endorsement of Severe Interrogations

A 2005 Justice Department opinion provided explicit authorization to barrage terror suspects with a combination of painful physical and psychological tactics, officials said.

On Stump, Low-Key Thompson Stirs Few Sparks

As Fred D. Thompson campaigned in Iowa this week, he was something other than the dynamic presence some Republicans have been yearning for.

In Ballot Fight, California Gets a Taste of '08

An initiative on electoral votes has become a battleground for Rudolph W. Giuliani and Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Monks Are Silenced, and the Internet Is, Too
The Irrawady, via Agence France-Presse Getty Images
Monks Are Silenced, and the Internet Is, Too

After images like this one jeopardized a crackdown on demonstrators, Myanmar's generals cut off the Internet.

For Baltimore, Housing Slump Slows a Revival

The slowdown in the housing market is endangering the city's efforts to transition away from manufacturing.

Ex-Paratrooper Is Suspect in a Blackwater Killing

A former Blackwater USA employee is under investigation in the killing last year of a bodyguard for an Iraqi official.

Korean Leaders Agree on Economic Projects

In a joint declaration, South and North Korea also said they would seek to put a formal end to the Korean War.

Bucharest's Flourishing Housing Market

The streets may sometimes be chaotic, but to some of the New Yorkers who live in Romania's capital, it can also be one of the most rewarding cities in Europe.

The Rerunning of the Bulls

When the Five Hundred didn't catch on, Ford decided to resurrect the name of a better-known vehicle, the Taurus.

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It's Only a Game, but It's Played at Work

Some bosses see online games as harmless, brief diversions (with emphasis on "brief" ).


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