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Heating Races Up in 2 States

In the towns and villages of New Hampshire , Rudolph W. Giuliani and Mitt Romney are engaging each other as never before.

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton may be a runaway front-runner nationally, but Iowa remains largely a three-way contest .

Iowans Take Their Time in Open Race

If the chase for the Democratic nomination appears to have reached a stage of inevitability, the word has not reached the voters in Iowa.

State Dept. Plans Tighter Control of Security Firm

The State Department said it would now send its own personnel as monitors on all of Blackwater USA's security convoys in and around Baghdad.

Bush Defends Interrogations, Saying Methods Aren't Torture

The president championed a once-secret program to detain and interrogate high-profile terror suspects, provoking recriminations on Capitol Hill.

Pakistan Lawmakers Voting for President
Tarqi Mahmood / Agence France-Presse %u2014 Getty Images
Pakistan Lawmakers Voting for President

Gen. Pervez Musharraf is widely expected to win, but the Supreme Court will have final say on whether the vote is valid. Above, lawyers protesting in Peshawar today.

The Saturday Profile
A Priest Methodically Reveals Ukrainian Jews' Fate

Patrick Desbois roams Ukraine's back roads and forgotten fields to document the Nazis' murder of 1.5 million Jews.

Age of Riches
$6 Million for the Co-op, Then Start to Renovate

After paying top dollar for an apartment, most buyers among the newly wealthy see the need for more work.

Life of Comfort and Pain Ends in an Airport Cell

Behind Carol Gotbaum's death in custody of the Phoenix police is a story of a wife and mother fighting her demons.

Shifting Habits

Is driving a manual transmission a basic life skill, like rock, paper, scissors and shuffling cards?

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It's Only a Game, but It's Played at Work

Some bosses see online games as harmless, brief diversions (with emphasis on "brief" ).


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