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Ex-Commander Says Iraq Effort Is 'a Nightmare'

Lt. Gen. Ricardo S. Sanchez is the most senior war commander of a string of retired officers who have harshly criticized the conduct of the Iraq war.

New Evidence That Blackwater Guards Took No Fire

Fresh accounts of a shooting in Baghdad last month cast further doubt on guards' statements that they were responding to insurgents.

Gore Gains Power as Well as Prize

Amid speculation about a presidential bid, friends say that Al Gore is likely to keep people guessing.

South American Nations Face Energy Crunch
David Lillo / Agence France-Presse Getty Images
South American Nations Face Energy Crunch

The continent's energy crisis is chilling relations between neighbors. Smog hit record levels this winter in Santiago, Chile, when Argentina cut back natural gas shipments.

Public Lands
As Logging Fades, Rich Carve Up Open Land in West

With the timber industry in decline, some new investors are snapping up open spaces to be private playgrounds.

Voting Machines Giving Florida New Headache

Touch screens bought after 2000 have now been deemed failures and must be replaced with optical-scan machines.

City Life in the Second Gilded Age

Superspecialized workers for the superrich, when Wall Street gets outsourced and how much money New Yorkers need to feel wealthy.

High Tea, India Style

Darjeeling is like Napa Valley, but without the crowds.

Hillary Clinton accused him of being a plant, but Randall Rolph typifies the conscientious Iowa voter.

Mini's New Car Has a Problem

Reusing the name of an earlier model, the new Mini Clubman is hard to love.

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E-Mail Is Easy to Write (and to Misread)

There are ways in which e-mail may subtly encourage trouble and strained communication.


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